Understanding What SEO is for Business Owners

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Understanding What SEO is for Business Owners

When potential customers would ask, most especially for business owners, on how they can keep up with the competition in this age, one advice that they are sure to get is to have an online presence.  And one of the things that come to mind is that they should create and have a website.

It’s a no-brainer, it’s a must these days for businesses!

We can no longer think of someone running a business without a website.

Now, for a business owner who is most likely a non-technical person, that’s quite easy to explain.

But as soon as the word Search Engine Optimization comes up, then that could be a different story.

For a businessman, what matter to him is that his business’ website must be easily found and positioned on top of search engine results, and that’s it.  So he simply says, “Make me a website and make sure that customers find me fast!”

Well, customer is king and his wishes are always our command.  But if we all want to be successful in making things work for him, we must be able to get his full cooperation.  Or else, nothing will happen with his online presence.  And worse, someone for sure will be at the receiving end of the blame – and most likely, it is the SEO specialist.

For starters, they can ask you things like:

How fast can we recover our investments from this?

How many days do we have to wait ‘til we become # 1?

How much traffic can we generate out of this?

How much sales can we expect from this website?

The list can go on and on.

But here’s the thing, SEO is not like some magic wand which we can just wave and viola, magic happens.

SEO takes hard work, and a lot of cooperation from the business owner.

So the name of the game changes, it isn’t only about a short-term first-place rank at search engines (which happen to change the rule as if on a whim), but rather on a long-term commitment to make sure that the business maintains consistent visibility as soon as a prospective buyer hits that search button.

So, transparency with the business owner and honesty would work well here in order to set proper expectations.

They don’t just pay you for the services, then, leave you alone to work your ass off to make their website #1.  A prospective client’s buy-in is of utmost important here.

Sit down with your client and talk to them, make them:

  • really have a knowledge of their target audience that they can actually describe them to you;
  • let you know about their past strategies – which both worked & didn’t work well;
  • inform you about their current market understanding; and,
  • let you know how they would like to be perceived in the industry in the long haul.

These are just some of the things that one would need to understand in order to make one’s SEO strategies really work well.

We must remember that SEO is a two-way street — it has to work both ways.

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