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To grow, step up their productivity, manage their day to day admin work from simple to complex processes,
web design & updates, bookkeeping, social media and much more!


Admin Support

Internet Research, spreadsheets & presentations

  • Gather any information from the internet.
  • Compiling information in Word, Excel, Google Docs & Sheets, or into CRM’s.
  • Research for any specific product or service.
  • Market or manufacturer research.
  • Customized research for your business.
  • Create presentations using online tools & apps or traditional adobe tools to make PPTs based on your preference.
  • Researching relevant data & compiling it into readable spreadsheets.
  • Social media data research, specific niche industry research.

Database Creation & Management

  • Data entry from your forms, pdf’s, excel, emails, docs into any other format or CRM’s.
  • Data filtration & compilation based on your requirement.
  • Record, entry sorting.
  • Using any web based database tool to research your data and then sort, filter & enter it.
  • Custom data research using web based tools.
  • Data validation
  • Data mining
  • Managing complex databases or special databases that are industry specific, like that of HR support, real estate companies, Finance & fraud detection businesses.
  • Work with different parameters of your custom database.

Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce l Zoho I Infusionsoft I Sugar I and other industry specific CRM I Custom CRM’s

  • Updating, entering new leads & information, setting reminders
  • Capture, storage & maintaining records.
  • Managing sales, invoice updates.
  • Sending out quotations, sales order management.
  • Creating tickets, follow ups using email templates, changing status of processed v/s closed leads.
  • Managing a particular part of or entire relationship of your customer cycle using your CRM.
  • Sending emails, making phone calls.
  • Conducting Customer satisfaction surveys and entering responses.

Admin, Personal & Social media Tasks

  • Managing your social media accounts, replying to inquiries,updating your instagram page, using hashtags, follow, like, share, research on linkedin and sending out requests.
  • Transcription of audio/ video files.
  • Transcribing dictations, interviews, business meetings, penal discussions, seminars, lectures.
  • Manage files on dropbox, google drive or any other file sharing apps.
  • Get quotes, place orders, make phone calls, manage calendar.
  • Reservations- dental/medical/ spa/ fitness/ dinner & others.
  • Booking tickets, planning travel & vacation.
  • Managing calendar, sending out emails & making phone calls on your behalf.
  • Organising events, birthdays, sending out invites, gifts & planning your party.

Customer Support

24/7/365 Scalable & Flexible Enterprise Solutions

Inbound & Outbound Phone Support

Live Chat Support

Email & Ticket Handling

Helpdesk & Technical Support

Social Media Support

Back Office Support

We work on behind the scene processes that are integral to the functioning of your business, while lowering your costs,
increasing efficiency & giving you a competitive advantage!

  • Fraud detection & prevention

  • Photo retouching & content moderation

  • Data input & analytics

  • Order fulfillment

  • Maintenance repair & operations

  • Image recognition

  • Travel & logistics

  • CRM’s

  • Machine learning software support

  • Transcription

  • Account management services

  • Online research & data entry

We Specialize in Managing These Businesses

For the past several years in the industry, We helped several entrepreneurs and businesses
build their own brand and manage their business online.

Website Design & Maintenance

Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, Social Media & Email Marketing

  • Onpage & off page Search engine optimisation

  • Social media marketing – free & paid

  • Creating branded business social media pages/ profiles

  • Analysing ads, insights reports, retargeting

  • Email marketing using MailChimp, Constant Contact etc

  • Content writing & marketing

  • Keyword research, SERP

  • Newsletters, competitive analysis & listings

  • PPC – budgeting, planning, Monetizing to get conversions

  • Analytics, submissions, webmaster set up

  • Article writing, press releases & submissions

  • Making use of promotional & informative websites

  • Affiliate marketing set up

  • Google product feeds

Virtual Assistant Packages

Starter Package

$19730 DAYS
  • 20 Hours
  • Free Consultation & Setup
  • 1 Dedicated Proj. Manager

Light Package

$39730 DAYS
  • 40 Hours
  • Free Consultation & Setup
  • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Part Time Package

69730 DAYS
  • 80 Hours
  • Free Consultation & Setup
  • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Full Time Package

1,14730 DAYS
  • 160 Hours
  • Free Consultation & Setup
  • 1 Dedicated Virtual Assistant

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