Recruiting a Reliable Virtual Assistant

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Recruiting a Reliable Virtual Assistant

It is a great fear of many entrepreneurs seeking virtual assistants or any kind of online freelance assistance that they will end up with someone who turns out to be unreliable, untrustworthy or simply not a good fit for their needs or requirements.

These fears and concerns exist for most employers, but online recruiting only serves to exacerbate the challenges associated with the recruitment process. Sometimes hiring a new employee or freelancer is a risk that you must take.

A sound recruitment process mitigates the risk of you ending up with someone who may not be the right fit for you or your business.

Before you begin searching for a virtual assistants, you should spend some time seriously thinking about what your needs are, and more specifically, what your new virtual assistant’s tasks would be.

A commonly made error when recruiting is not having a clear job description and an understanding of what you want this person’s role to be. Think about what you want your virtual assistant to help you with in the long run as well as, what his or her daily tasks would regularly include.

A clear job description is a crucial recruitment mechanism that will help you filter out candidates who may not even be able to meet the job requirements.

For some entrepreneurs, it is the actual search process that they dread. If this is you, consider going through a recruitment agency which will do that for you. They send you candidates that have met both theirs and your own requirements. Usually candidates that come to employers through recruitment agencies are extremely high quality, because they have been rigorously vetted and carefully selected.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of virtual assistants and freelance careers, there are several virtual assistant recruitment agencies for employers to choose from.

If you choose to conduct your own recruitment process, there are several options you can pursue, including searching in LinkedIn, posting an ad on your website or on other employment or job search forums. It is highly recommended to go through a freelance or virtual assistants network or forum.

These sites usually make your recruitment process a bit easier because you can view your candidate’s profile, feedback from previous employers, and other experiences he or she may not have listed on their resume.

Networks like these also often have tools for employers to pay their virtual assistants and even take screen captures while their employee is logging hours.

Whichever method you choose, the interview process will most likely be the deciding factor in who you choose to be your virtual assistant. Your interview process could be as simple as a Skype meeting so you can determine the candidate’s personality, or as complex as an oral interview, written test, or practical assessment.

Once you have selected your candidate, you may still have some concerns about their work or their reliability. You can hire your virtual assistant for a trial period of two weeks or as long as you choose. During this time you will be able to assess how your assistant works, if he or she is timely, reliable and responsible and if you would like to hire them for a long term contract.

Take your time when determining how you will recruit your virtual assistant. This is an important decision. He or she will work closely with you, and may greatly impact the success of your business or project.

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