How Businesses Can Create a Winning Online Presence

//How Businesses Can Create a Winning Online Presence

How Businesses Can Create a Winning Online Presence

We used to remember in the days of old, when small businesses would rely purely on word of mouth to spread the word about what they offer and what they do.   Throw in a few little marketing activities on the side, and that’s it.  Your business is set, and you just keep yourself busy running everything and making your business grow.

Life was really simple then.

But with the onset of technology, doing business could be simpler now.

We have at our disposal a lot of tools and resources to promote our business, and instead of relying only upon a few, we have so many choices to choose from on how we can improve our customer reach and at our disposal are readily available tools.

But here’s the thing, competition is a lot tougher now!  It’s a reality that all small business owners have to face.

Many are trying their hands at building their own businesses that the marketplace has never been more crowded.

Remaining visible is the key, and leveraging social media through facebook and twitter to grow your business is now the buzzword.

So, you ask yourself, how can I create an online presence for my small biz so that I can reach more potential customers, and rake in more sales?


Have a website for your business that is easy to find and use.

Get a domain name that truly represents your business and have a clear connection to your business name.  Make it short and catchy so that people can easily associate it with your company, aside from enabling them to remember it easily.

Also, regularly check your website’s features and functionality.  If customers find it hard to navigate your website, most likely, they will just click on the back button and look somewhere else.


Get some help.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.  Your focus should be in making your business more profitable.  And let’s face it, we all need all the help we can get.

Don’t even think about hiring a social media manager or a virtual assistant as a pure cost.  In the long run, it can be one of the wisest investments you’ve ever made.

They’ll help you about marketing your business online and creating an awesome web presence for you.  Given the demands of running a business nowadays, you wouldn’t really have the time to study web design and SEO techniques, right?


Keep your customers engaged.

Keep your website updated by including a blog in your website.  Or have a Facebook page for your business.  Tell them anything new about your business, keep them informed.  This is like adding value to your relationship with them and customers would definitely love that.

And when they leave comments, be sure to respond promptly, especially if they have raised any questions, concerns or clarifications.  Don’t leave them hanging.

People just search online for what they need nowadays, and if they can’t find you, they might go to the next company who might happen to be your toughest competitor, and just buy from them.

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