19 08, 2014

Recruiting a Reliable Virtual Assistant

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It is a great fear of many entrepreneurs seeking virtual assistants or any kind of online freelance assistance that they will end up with someone who turns out to be unreliable, untrustworthy or simply not a good fit for their needs or requirements. These fears and concerns exist for most employers, but online recruiting only [...]

19 08, 2014

Outsourcing: An Innovation for Business

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If you are a business-owner, innovation is probably in the forefront of your mind. If it isn’t  it should be!  In the ever-increasingly competitive business environment today, entrepreneurs must work to ensure that they stand out among their competitors.   It can be tempting to cut corners and try to find ways to beat out your [...]

19 08, 2014

Inbound Marketing: Best Strategy for your Business

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“Nothing is constant in this world except change.”This is definitely an agreeable statement. Even in business world; strategies and trends continue to evolve. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the way people conduct business became easier. Nowadays, business owners can reach different clients all over the world just by a single click. The marketing side [...]

19 08, 2014

Outbound Marketing-Out! Inbound Marketing-In!

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Gone are the days where business owners need to give flyers to every passer by, the cold callers bugging every household, expensive creation of ads for radio/television, the annoying ads on website/email or   renting of billboards with flashy lights for people to see. Though some still use these techniques, what’s in now is INBOUND MARKETING. [...]

19 08, 2014

List of Common Virtual Assistant Tasks

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  Nowadays, we often hear the word “VIRTUAL ASSISTANT” but we are not sure on what they can really do for us.  A virtual assistant or a VA is someone who does wide variety of administrative tasks working from other location usually from their homes. Whether you are a business owner, a boss or just [...]

19 08, 2014

Independent Contractors/Freelancers – Who are they and why hire them?

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Independent Contractors also called freelancers are self employed individuals who want flexible working hours and freedom in working by their rules. They can be in any profession but the most common types of freelancers are writers, editors, photographers, web designers, virtual assistants and other jobs that can be done online. These freelancers usually work from [...]

19 08, 2014

Reasons why Employers Get Frustrated with their Virtual Assistants

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you with your business is probably the most cost efficient option than hiring a full time in-house employee. Though not all employers become successful with this attempt, the blame shouldn’t be pointed on the VA alone. Most of the time employers get frustrated with their Virtual Assistants because they [...]

18 08, 2014

Common Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

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The goal of OUTSOURCING online is to make every business owner’s life easier however; not all outsourcing attempts become successful. Just like in every business decisions we make, we also sometimes commit mistakes but if we are aware with the possible problems that may arise, chances of succeeding are high. Here are the common outsourcing mistakes: Mistake [...]

18 08, 2014

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Needs

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Every business nowadays need social media to network with other business owners, communicate with current and future customers, advertise products/services and search for other online opportunities but there are so many social media platforms nowadays and signing up and maintaining each can really be a tricky task.  This is one of the reasons why you [...]

18 08, 2014

Reasons Why Social Media and Blogs are Important for every Business Owner

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Every business owner wants to stand out among its competitors. They want their products or services to be preferred by many but before they can achieve this goal, they must first gain the trust of consumers and be able to develop a brand identity. Thanks to  technology, business owners nowadays easily connect with the consumers [...]